It's Michael, creator of One Voice here. =) I help professional and aspiring vocal coaches 21yrs and older. But, before we go deeper into what I do, I've got a few questions for you.

Question 1: How would it feel to KNOW EXACTLY what to do when faced with a singer's roadblock/issue/problem?

Question 2: As a person who wants to help singers, what if you had the skills to teach even the most complex concepts with ease and simplicity?

Question 3: What would you give to feel engaged, productive, and truly helpful in every session you teach?

If your heart is pumping a little faster as you read these questions…

Scroll down.  

(If these questions don’t make your heart flutter, just close this webpage.)

Yep. Just like you, I started out (long ago) working with singers because I genuinely wanted to help them improve, overcome their roadblocks, and achieve their vocal goals.

But there were some problems…

You might be nodding your head while reading this, contemplating your own life as a coach saying to yourself, “That’s how I feel!” And, if this is what you’re feeling, then…

I was lost, felt like a loser, and was

frustrated with myself -

because I knew I could

be better than I was.

I knew I could

help the singers

I coached…

I just didn’t know how.

What if things looked different?

What if there could be...

No more - doubting whether you should or shouldn't be a vocal coach.

No more - feeling numb during teaching - counting the clock til the session is over.

No more - wasting time on books, workshops, or conventions that make you more confused after using them.

I’d like to help you out. Really. No strings attached.

"The Certification Program prepared me so well to teach One Voice and help singers build their voices,

but I didn’t expect it to affect me the way it did when it comes to leadership.

As a teacher, director, choreographer, etc.... I feel I have such unique skills when it

comes to communicating and leading people to a particular goal. And so much

of that is because of the training I went through with One Voice....

Going through the Certification Program has given me a confidence that I didn’t have before,

and that confidence spills over in all aspects of my life."

One Voice Master Coach - Alex Zeto

I’ve made a special class where I teach you

how to flip the switch from feeling frustrated, lost, and inadequate as a vocal coach, to getting fundamentally clear about how to approach the human voice with your clients, knowing exactly what to focus on when working with them, and how to identify the problems your client’s might have so you can fix them.

While I do train professional and aspiring coaches to do this exact thing,

this class is an absolute MUST for you right now.


Because you’re looking… searching for something

that will help you change the way you’re feeling about your coaching, the product you teach your clients, and most importantly - yourself as a vocal coach.

You know it, and I know it… something has to change.

So, take the time. Make the time.

If you’re really committed to becoming the vocal teacher you know you can be - then invest this time in yourself.

Sign up for the class right now to secure your spot.

1. What I was teaching wasn’t helping my clients.

2. I felt like I was using the “throw spaghetti at the wall” approach when it came to finding tools to help my clients.

3. I was making up teaching as I went along, because no one taught me how to actually teach.

4. I had no idea how to break apart what a voice was doing, and HOW it was doing it.

There is no sales pitch. There is nothing to buy. Literally.

Even if you wanted to train with me as a coach,

it’s not on the table for you at this point.

So please, let go of that. First, invest in yourself as a

person who really wants to help other singers,

and change the way you feel when coaching.

Got it?

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See you soon.

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Oh, and just to clarify what I mean by

“no-strings attached”…

The “Coach” for Vocal Coaches


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