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The 3 Secrets to

Becoming a Master Vocal Coach

Without years of technique and teacher training  

STOP feeling like you're failing your students...

NO "blank stares" from you students not getting what you're saying...

GET the insider secrets to how I changed my entire career as a coach...

WHY what you know now is actually stopping you from being the singing teacher you really know you can be...

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1. Look for confirmation email: you should receive a confirmation email within the next 5min - IF you do not - check your junk mail.

2. Block out an Hour of time: this class will only be 55min in length. Please make sure you're in a quiet, calm environment where you can focus and really learn.

3. Show up early: there is NO replay of this class - so please be early so that you don't miss anything.

4. Download the worksheet: I have made a worksheet for you to print out and use during class so that your mind can be free to process what I'll be teaching you. It's a simple follow-along worksheet that should really help. =) Click here to download the class Worksheet.

About your coach: Michael Maresca

Creator of One Voice, and has taught over 25K+ singers around world. An expert in training professional and aspiring vocal coaches how to build a custom-tailored approach with every client, teach with ease and simplicity, and unlock any singer’s roadblock - leaving them to feel like the world-class vocal coach they really are.